The BRAKE Team

BRAKE is a not for profit organisation, comprising volunteers from a range of specialist fields.

There are Police Officers who have had enough of telling parents that their novice driver has been in a car crash. There are paramedics who attend these crashes. There are teachers helping with education and curriculum that see the empty chairs in their classrooms after car crashes and have to support the friends and families of the young people who have died.

There are road safety specialists and transport advisors who know that this carnage can be reduced and have offered their time and advice to help build this program. Then there are public figures from the film and television industry that know that at times young people need visual prompts to learn, and there are business advisors and community people who work to ensure the synergy of all these volunteers is captured and supported.

All of these people are volunteers and believe that the road toll and injures can be reduced with early and appropriate education. BRAKE understands that our young drivers will listen to advice when there is justification and rational behind that advice. That is why this parent book will be valuable to you.  

The BRAKE team is passionate about road safety and asks that you continue that passion. 

Road Safety is not only a government problem, it is a whole of community issue and people in the community need to address the issue.  Our communities are very strong and arguably are the vital key in reducing our road toll through action.  BRAKE is an excellent starting point.

Finally, we are not precious! If you think we have missed points or could improve on areas please drop us an email at

Robert Duncan

Founder & CEO

Rob brings over 20 years policing experience to BRAKE and was the founder of BRAKE. Rob completed detailed studies, research and reviews on road safety relating to young drivers and was unable to identify a program, either nationally or internationally, that best incorporated identified recommendations and evidence. Rob holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern Queensland.

Steve Allan

Education Manager

Steve Allan is a Team Leader with the Queensland Ambulance Service.  Steve has been responsible for developing much of the BRAKE course material. Steve had been involved in many community projects over the years and was awarded the Rotary International "Paul Harris Fellow" award as a result of his continued community work, and received an Australia Day Award from the Queensland Department of Emergency Services for continued work in the community.  Steve is the lead developer of BRAKE Education.

Jodie Williams

Communications Manager and Book Keeper

Jodie manages the financial books for BRAKE as well as performing the role of webmaster for the BRAKE site.  Jodie has experience in book keeping, administration and IT.

Belinda Duncan

School Manager

Belinda is the BRAKE school coordinator and also manages the day to day management of the busy BRAKE office..  Belinda has a varied background in office administration and within the hospitality industry.