The BRAKE program was developed primarily for delivery in schools, by BRAKE trained teachers, to students.

As a student you are the most important person for us at BRAKE.  We believe that all students, no matter which school you may attend, should have access to BRAKE.

BRAKE is a community driven program and costs you, your parents/carers and the school nothing if the community support the program.  Alternatively a small fee per student is required to be paid by the student and/or school. The community and BRAKE provide everything to the school to deliver BRAKE to you.

BRAKE is intentionally developed to be interesting to you and to allow you discuss BRAKE facilitated by your teacher.  BRAKE is very different in that we do not teach as such - we like to think that you are all capable of discussing the relevant issues and discovering for yourselves, with assistance from BRAKE, how you can be safer in a vehicle as a driver, or as a passenger.

If you would like to partake of BRAKE in your school you can either speak to a teacher, your parents/carer or contact us here at BRAKE through the various contacts available and if the community supports the program where your school is located, we can approach your school.