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The BRAKE Past Student Survey

We'd like to hear your thoughts about the BRAKE course you took. This is an anonymous survey.

Your answers will go into a pool of information where we look only at the total views of our students. As part of our on-going research, we would also like to ask you a few questions about your driving experiences as well.

We'll send you a copy of the results of the survey if you'd like to fill in your current email address in the side-bar to the right.

Thanks again for participating.

I took the BRAKE Course in:

My BRAKE Course was held at:

I remember the knowledge I gained in the BRAKE course:

I think that BRAKE has helped me become a better driver:

I think about the lessons BRAKE taught me when I'm a passenger in a car:

I talk about BRAKE with my friends and family:

I have been issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice as a driver:

I have been in a crash as an at fault driver:

I have been in a crash as a not at fault driver:

I have been in a crash as a passenger (at fault driver):

I have been in a crash as a passenger (not at fault driver):

I think it is important to have driver safety taught at high school:

I think it would be good if pedestrian and road safety were taught at primary schools too:

I would recommend BRAKE to young people about to learn to drive:

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